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The creative craftsman

The craftsman and designer is led by Yoann Favre, a former cockpit engineer at Renault, who in 2021 took a turn to become a creative craftsman.


He was trained at the Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology in Ergonomics, Design and Mechanical Engineering. Yoann is a passionate inventor, eager for new technologies, astonishing and radiant. His sensitivity to design, the search for excellence, the concern for quality, the sense of detail and finishes, are all the forces that drive his creations from design to installation.
He is associatively involved in the Maison Rose collective, but also very involved in a collective the "Artists and Craftsmen Collective of Koenigshoffen" (CAAKE), which has been organizing the Gruber Christmas Market in Strasbourg for two years in collaboration with other neighborhood associations.
He is also a producer of electronic music in concert in the Parisian trio "After Carrel", and wishes in the future to link musical production and lighting design by producing scenographic modules linking light and sound.

The brand was first created in 2015 by Théophile Michel. Yoann and Théophile were university friends on the shores of Lake Bourget, in Savoie. 

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Pleins feux sur le repreneur Yoann Favre de Crepuscule Studio

Pleins feux sur le repreneur Yoann Favre de Crepuscule Studio

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